The Industrial Security Podcast

The Industrial Security Podcast

Your lights are on, your car runs, because industrial systems work 24/7 to keep our lives ticking. But what happens when those systems—the very pillars of modern society—are threatened?

Hosted by Nate Nelson and Andrew Ginter, The Industrial Security Podcast takes a deep-dive into the most pressing emerging issues in SCADA technologies today. But don't just take our word for it: each new episode of the show features a leading voice in the world of industrial control systems security. You'll hear from executives, engineers, researchers and more, each with their own unique take on what's wrong with how we do things today, and how to fix it.

ICS security is complicated. Here is where it all comes together.


Harry Paul

Harry Paul's product is, well, complicated. His company produces what are called “data sheets”, addressing threat assessment and vulnerability mitigation for industrial cyber systems…and that's just about the simplest, most basic part of it. Andrew's got a big task in today's show—to take on some of the very highest-concept work going on in the SCADA private sector today, and translating it for the rest of us.


Pilot: Sven Schrecker

Sven Shrecker is not just an expert in the internet of things—he's a well-versed, experienced public speaker. A Chief Architect at IBM, Sven is not only at the cutting-edge of IoT security, but someone who can magically make the work he does sound both engaging and understandable to just about anyone. In this pilot episode of The Industrial Security Podcast, Sven will be taking us through the emerging field of IoT in ICS, and how connecting the grid to the grid presents new problems, and new solutions, for security professionals.


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