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תלמ"א פודקאסט

The Adventurous Teacher] Episode 8. Three American Teachers Walk Into an Israeli Classroom Part II]

We continue where we left off in episode seven with Kia, Katrina (hosts of the hilarious "I'm Just a Teacher" podcast) and Raven – three of a handful of educators who join TALMA through Hebrew Public, and enter TALMA as first time visitors to Israel, willingly throwing themselves into a world unknown for the sake of bettering themselves for the students they'll return to. These are their stories.

פודקאסט עושים עסקים

[עושים עסקים] השבוע – הפתעה: לא צריך להגדיל את תקציב החינוך

דו"ח החינוך השנתי שמפרסם ארגון ה-OECD מבליט שוב את הפערים העצומים בתקצוב של תלמיד ישראלי ביחס לעמיתו במערב ואת הפערים הגדולים בשכר המורים. למרות זאת, בפרק שי פירון, שר החינוך לשעבר, מסביר שהבעיה היא לא בגודל המשאבים המוקצים לחינוך אלא בחלוקת הכסף ובשיטה כולה.

תלמ"א פודקאסט

The Adventurous Teacher] Episode 5]: What is TALMA?

Why does Talma exist? In this episode we spoke with the people who help to make Talma happen: foundation leaders, leaders of nonprofits, organizers and directors and leaders in education. These aren’t people who participate in Talma, or personally benefit from it and who so deeply believe in the mission of this program that they’re willing to devote their time, energy and, in some cases, finances, just so that other people–you, teachers from around the world, and thousands of children around the nation of Israel–can reap the benefit. That’s why, when we ask the question “why does Talma exist”, these are the folks we need to ask. It exists because of them.