The Adventurous Teacher] Episode 4: A Day in the Life]

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Listen to the 4th episode as we explore the differences that separate a day in the life of TALMA teachers in the Israeli classroom versus their classrooms ‘back home.’

The first day that TALMA teachers enter their classrooms in Israel often involves some combination of excitement, anxiety, and culture shock…feelings typical of anyone embarking on a new adventure. Things that should be familiar – recess, instructional time, teacher-student interactions – suddenly can feel foreign and overwhelming. Tried and true lessons that always worked in the past somehow don’t work quite the same way – and your jokes that always get a laugh… well, with the language barrier, the punch lines fall flat. The journey, then, is in the process of learning to adjust to the environment, to the students, and to the culture. Welcome, to a day in the life of a TALMA teacher…

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