The Adventurous Teacher] Episode 3 : Serving With A Purpose]

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Listen to the 3rd episode as we dive into the 'why' that motivates TALMA teachers to give up the freedom of their summer vacation for a challenging but rewarding summer of teaching and service in Israel.

Summer vacation is the time of year when parents realize just how underpaid teachers really are and teachers have a well-earned opportunity to step away from the classroom, reboot, recharge, and have some 'adult time.' Why then do hundreds of teachers each summer make the choice to give up their summer vacation and join The TALMA Fellowship for a challenging summer of service in low-income communities in the Israeli periphery? In this episode, we speak with nine teachers who explain their mission, their sacrifice, and why they are willing to volunteer their time and talents (for a job usually considered underpaid in the first place!) to provide educational opportunity to underserved children in Israel.

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