The Adventurous Teacher] Episode 2 : Business & Pleasure]

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TALMA teachers are passionate about their jobs and always eager to take on new professional challenges – that's what draws them to spend their summers serving high-need populations in Israel with TALMA. They work hard during the school day, but balance that with fun, explorations, and adventures during their out-of-school time, which helps them recharge for the classroom and satisfy their wanderlust.

TALMA teachers enjoy a unique work-life balance on a day to day basis. After each programmed afternoon, comes a free afternoon. After every free weekend comes a programmed one that brings the entire community together for a shared experience.

In this episode, you'll hear stories from TALMA teachers who lead change in their classrooms by day, then let the world change them as they explore and enjoy their surroundings and the local community by night! When you work hard, you get to play hard and earn the pleasure of your free time – and if there's any group that strikes this balance just right, it's the teachers of TALMA.

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